Saturday, 22 September 2018

My House of Cards Caves In

Catastrophic Construction Failure

So, I am staying off Twitter for a while. It is not healthy for me to be on there at this time. But I want to address a few things before I go.

There are accounts of Reddit and Voat that are impersonating me.... These accounts are not me. The one on Reddit was beck-p20... That is different to the handle that I always use. I don't know what the handle is on Voat. I reported the Reddit account. Now suspended.

I also have been getting DM's to ask for my credibility.

Can you believe it fans? The freakin' Nerve of these cretins!

If you don't believe me then simply unfollow me or block me. It's that simple.

I did not go on Twitter or share my story on social media to be believed. I also have a great little bridge I'd like to sell you, going cheap. Hurry! Stocks won't last!

However, when folks challenge me and say they don't believe me, which is happening more and more all of a sudden, you had better expect me to be throwing

a wight woyal  Pwincess  Becki  TANTY!

I came to share the "truth."  Do with it what you want. What I really mean by that is ... do what I want. That's all I am going to say.

I'm not going to sit here all day and defend myself in every which way.

God is my witness. He knows the truth. (oh dear, never mind) Spiritual Warfare is real!!!
All you will be seeing from me on Twitter is my business and perhaps scriptures.

I have no answer to the tiresome inquisitors. Some might say that is my own doing but I just block and roll, block and roll. My tall tales are looking like so much dead ash in the grate, on these icy mornings.
I didn't take care to make them even a tiny bit credible. Once I got a few $$ donating cretins on board with them, I got even more careless.

My lovely new family and home in Pottsboro? How quickly that all came apart, once I got in here and started my usual mischief making.

After less than a year, 'our' home is on the market  (US$245,000  y'all)

My Mommy and Daddy #3 are getting a divorce or so the story goes. Can you believe that?  A 35 year old marriage fell apart. Mommy Wendy said she would do anything for that 22 year old child. Daddy Ron said he would take a bullet for me. Meanwhile their friends was saying "be careful what you wish for".

And lies are getting around that I am trouble. I have had to close off my DMs.

Lies, like I bring strife, high drama and discord to the families I manipulate into taking me in.
Mommy #2 is  spilling all the dirt   in her blog   like there is no tomorrow.
Daddy and Mommy #3 have gone to ground.
Well, they have a home to sell, and a family to explain things to. That is keeping them quite busy.

Me?  I am still determined to double down.
I will never, ever admit I have LIED.

Ask the folks at LAX airport. I told them to simply unfollow and block me.
They threw me in a detention facility.

Ask the judge who laughed at me. I told her to simply unfollow and block me.
I was led shackled from the court.

Ask my social workers in the UK.  I told them to simply unfollow and block me.
They wrote it all up in my rather large file.

Ask the Mental Health services in Hull. I told them to simply unfollow and block me.
They entered it all into a NHS database to remain on my medical records for my lifetime.

Ask the Humberside Police. I told them to simply unfollow and block me.
They filed it, and will be waiting to have a cosy chat, should I ever find myself back in their jurisdiction.

Ask my real parents and friends back in Hull.  I told them to simply unfollow and block me.
Some did, some didn't.

SIMPLE! Am I right?

I have been confronted  and told to come clean many times now, and some of the times I have told you about in my videos.
Even as I'm sat here all sad and angry for my self, among the wreckage of multiple lives, I am looking around me, gathering new 'supporters' and looking to build my next life raft. I will gather no moss. Can you help?


Wednesday, 12 September 2018

A Friend In Fiona

 Hi Guys! hope you're all doing OKaaaaaaaaaY

I have mentioned Fiona a few times on this blog, but today I would like to really do her justice with a lovely long post so you can all get to know the Fiona I admire and idolize.

We first 'met' on Social Media as we have many mutual friends, fans and followers. As you know we are both stars in the Pizzagate  /  Pedogate universe. We have so much in common as you are about to learn.

For the longest time, I have wanted to speak to Fiona Barnett because I felt she was the only person in the world that really understood me on a deeper level. After watching her testimony on YouTube, I knew I had to speak to her because she and I have experienced more or less the same kinds of trauma. Finally, the Lord connected our paths and I now consider Fiona my friend.

Just like Fiona, I have been called an attention seeker, liar, deceiver, crazy, lunatic.. Etc etc.
So you may wonder why I continue to tell my story? If I get such negative feedback, why do I keep speaking out. Well, the answer is simple...If I don't share my story, no one else will.

It's the mutual support of kindred souls like Fiona that keeps me going. She always has my back on Twitter, and I have hers.

@becki_p20  Jul 28  
I can say without hesitation that Fiona is for us!! She is battling this war with us!!! Please go follow her new Twitter account #Pizzagate #PizzagateIsReal #QAnon 

Replying to @LizCrokin @tomhanks @SaRaAshcraft     
Just to let you know, Meryl Streep is a pedophile too! Fiona Barnett outed her 

Fiona lives in Australia, where she has raised two daughters. If my Asylum case falls through, then I might emigrate there, meaning she could be the next LUCKY middle-aged woman to share her bed with me, who knows? Stranger things have happened. I want Fiona to teach me how to be as Badass as she is.

How Badass? Now we get down to it.

Fiona's story is vast and growing every day, depending on who has been the latest person to slight her, refuse to engage, or call her a bullshitter. Then it's knives out baby! I'm so in awe.

I can only give you a small sample of her MO her in one post, but let's say I am taking notes -  and learning the tricks of the trade from an old dingo who has been in this SRA game a lot longer than I have.

Fiona sounds so  knowledgeable...

...because she just is


Full Military Training at age 6! WOW!

More captivating than my Children's Home ...

Onward and Up Up Upwards!

Oops! Looks like the Australian Human Rights Commissioner crossed
 Fiona at some point.  tut tut!

As a Brit, this is upsetting to me

Satanists killed her... then took her to Hospital to be revived
...she was that precious to them!

You must see fans, why I get so angry when folks don't believe Fiona's extraordinary life story.
They is all just jealous of her and her infamy, and all those VIPs she has associated herself with.
I know I am, and that was one of my mistakes. Being Satanically abused by normal, ordinary folks.
I haven't slung one single Big Name into my narrative. Maybe with some luck and your prayers, I can recover a memory or two of someone really important and high profile. It will help me get more attention.
But this is not meant to be about me. Sorry.

The other thing she is good at is being really graphic and sordid in the details of the stories.

Who's "he"? Someone really famous of course - DUH

Chose Dead  Important People when possible
and wherever possible, take credit for their natural death...
 with some egocentric fantasy

The more the community admires them, the bigger the ego trip!

This was a great touch by Fiona. She managed to 'work' yet another tragic death - into her life narrative.
He helped 'train' as a soldier at age 6, remember? In his former life as a CIA colonel. The fact he was gunned down in Sydney came in very useful for Fiona... and I would take her insinuations any day, over the true confessions of  someone who was involved in the crime.

Which brings me to one of the very important aspects of Fiona's 'take no prisoners' MO.
She is always sure to throw a fair few verifiable facts and historical events into her tall tales. That helps people believe them. I told you; Fiona is much smarter then me, but I'm catching on fast.

Even horrific real murders are great fodder for Fiona. I have to take my hat off to a Badass bitch, who can make one of the most horribly violent murders in Australian recent history, even more disturbing by the addition of a truly original  'detail' from her fertile and fantastically  filthy imagination. Wow.

Real murder victim? Have at it, Fiona!

See what I mean , fans?
There is no stopping Fiona; nothing and nobody are off limits.

Mind you, not to throw a dampener on this great story, but her  meany weaney  family did try to stop her some time ago, and for a while they succeeded in getting her off the internet.
She hasn't shared all the details with me, but here is what I know.
Her family staged an intervention. Fiona had to 'go dark' for a while. How we missed her!

Drama , mucho  Drama
False Alarm...she's BACK!
bugger the family... who needs 'em?
But hey, Twitter fame more important - priorities!

Yes this I can relate to, fans. Families, friendships, time, money, marriages, reality.

It's all expendable  if we  wanna make our fame and fortune as a Pro victim.
We have to think this way to succeed;  be ruthless with the people around us who care for us. Make them pick up the pieces, 'cos we have more important Life Destinies to fulfill, right? I'm sure you all agree.

It's gotta be all about us.  
On this deep  level, Fiona gets me, and I get her.
Our families sure don't 'get' us. Their loss! But we have the adoration of all those strangers the world over.

So... where was I? Fiona is writing a book. I'm sure publishers will be falling over themselves.
She has so much energy, and what ever she's on, I want some. She just did a 5 hour interview!

Epic 5 hour rant - can't wait!

With a renewed, family-be-damned,  manic online presence, fueled by who knows what, Fiona has returned to making history, or should that be rewriting history? (There's a difference?) ...

yep... she's a true genius

...bashing successful businesses.
(Hello, Planet Coffee, here's looking at you, and another shout-out to Comet Pizza!)

In Fiona's latest case it's Voodoo Donuts.

Yes Fiona , it absolutely does

... and last of all, taking on some other rival high profile 'names'.

Got to hand it to us Aussies and Brits... together we Sista Griftas are....

M A G A 

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Remember When - Part 2

"I can say with complete certainty that Becki Percy is the credible, articulate, media-genic, informed "First Hand Knowledgeable" spokesperson for Pizzagate that everyone has been waiting for. Disseminate her videos everywhere and to everyone that you know. Friends, relatives, media, law enforcement, and most especially Christian activists in the USA. Don't just sit there and VOAT. I mean go out and do it. Make Becki Percy and Pizzagate household words."

"Becki's story is really extraordinary ... She's supported by a large and growing group of followers, who will not let her down."

"How anyone could watch her testify vids and still be a non believer boggles the mind. Also, she tweeted me. I can't imagine her strength and resilience. I'm in tears even typing this."

"I felt an extremely positive vibe while watching this video. The energy emanating from her is exactly the kind of energy that I think is needed in our community to pursue the PG investigation."

"She's doing exceptionally well mentally, cognitively and emotionally...
She knows what she needs and will seek resources as able in her comfort zone. 
She clearly has done mass major self work ...She is way more grounded stable, adaptable, self regulating, positive thoughts and stable emotions"

"she told me she was crying with happiness when she saw the original post whose quote @breakdown99 critizised  "There is no direct evidence in Becki's videos, as far as I can tell, but I think in a way she's a poster child for Pizzagate." "

"Wow I can't believe you made it this far! You are an amazing young woman and I see God working in your life so much. "

"Becki is the sweetest girl , and she is very kind and compassionate "

"Yes. a true hero in this. love her strong voice."

"Becki is amazing. Love her."

"You're a strong and beautiful soul Becki. We love you"

Saturday, 8 September 2018

Mommy #2 Dishing Dyke Dirt on Me

Catherine, just STOP!

Jesus help me!
As if I don't have enough to worry about. A little bird tells me that Mommy #2 is going after me on social media. She has me blocked so I am not sure what all the "dirt" is  but none of it will be true.

It is not true that I have eating disorders and that I kept fainting from starvation and having to be taken to the ER.

It is not true that I like to sleep with women. I need to sleep with women, and that is the difference.
To heal my deep trauma and PTSD .

Did I sleep with Catherine Mommy # 2? Yes.
Do I sleep with Wendy, Mommy # 3? Yes.
This will be easier from now on,  as Wendy and I are moving house together. Ron who ?????

Does this make me a lesbian? NO.
Does my sexual predation in order to manipulate people, including married women, indicate that I am a text book psychopath? NO

Did I make a fake FaceBook account and spin Catherine some more tall tales?
Would I do a thing like that?
Tell her "I" was an old friend from England, that her bio parents had kidnapped and held hostage?
Tell her "I" had seen the porno and snuff films Becki spoke of starring in? 18 years of them?
Tell her "I" had been forced by my kidnappers to watch the films  24/7?
Tell her that  Becki, had a baby at age 11 and it was put in a blender, liquified and drank?
Tell her she should leave Casa Moncada and family to be with Becki?
Tell her "I" had already reported "my"  "kidnapping" to Hull police, so she wouldn't do this ?


Well,  to put this another way;  did Catherine Moncada  report the "kidnapping" by two "multi-murderous Satanists and Traffickers" whose identities  and "deeds" were well known to her, to the Hull police or any other Law Enforcement?

Another trade secret fans. Listen up. What I have learned in my grifting career is that the SRA fans feign belief in the sickest of tall tales, but when push comes to shove they never  report to LE, because they don't want to look "like a mad person" LOL

Kids may be at risk but Hey!  big deal!
My fans and enablers  know I never reported jack shite, and they would not be seen dead making a Police report of such nonsense either. 'Cos under their faux outrage they know it's all just a big LARP.

They - like Mommies #2 and #3 prefer to repeat, circulate, and spread the sicko stories about random strangers, far and wide, but report to LE? Never. HA HA HA

So I knew I was completely safe in that little Facebook fairytale scheme.
The fake Facebook is gone now. Catherine wanted  to speak to "her" /  "them"  on the phone from "England"   Not. Happening. DUH.

The lesbian stories may have come from the fake FaceBook account. I seem to recall some salacious details being spun for her titillation. (no pun intended )
If there is another  thing I  know about my demographic,  it's that my SRA fan club can never get enough salacious details about sex with children. Or just sex.

I also thought it might help to make Mommy #2 jealous by playing her off against Mommy#3, and vice versa! I thought this might help manipulate her into doing what I asked.

But I never thought she would talk  about it and that it would get around. She is taking me down.

It looks really bad for my faux Christian image and I need folks to trust me! And how the **** can I get my Patriot husband as per my Plan B, in case my Asylum case is denied.?
Let's be real here fans, a fine Christian Patriot man does not want a lesbian wife.

I have some serious damage control to do now, thanks to her. Grrrrrrr!

M   A   G   A

Friday, 7 September 2018

Remembering the Good Old Days

Things have gone all pear shaped in my life once again. It's funny how that always happens. 

Me and Mommy Wendy are leaving our charming home and downsizing. 
Daddy Ron?  Please don't ask.

Money is tight. I was humiliated publicly into shutting down my last lucrative GofundMe. 
She - you  all know who 'she' is - accused me and Wendy of lying on it. 

I have been feeling sad and nostalgic for my SRA heyday in California, before my Twitter 
following fell flat overnight.


On a happier note, my good pal Fiona Barnett has just done a 5 hour interview!
It will be coming online in several parts, starting tomorrow! Wow, I can hardly wait.

Just imagine how many folks Fiona is going to smear in 5 hours. She must be lit right now!

Fans, between you and me, I am so jealous of her, as she is having 'a moment',  a big one, while mine seems to have passed already.

It's all down to her new association with actor Isaac Kappy  and felon on the run, Vegan Mikey.

Man oh man... (with help from Nathan), they grifted way more  in a few days than little old me, than I did in months and months.  Rumors are it was $75K split 3 ways ...I hope not as the thought of other scammers  making way more than me makes me ill, given my current pathetic situation.

Of course Fiona has an advantage over me because all her abusers was really  high profile.
Actors, public figures, 3 Prime Ministers, the list goes on. It happened in many exotic locations like Bohemian Grove and Disneyland. And  even on a Presidential jet.!

I wish I had worked that angle hard when I had the chance, rather than accuse a bunch of regular folks from my rather boring home town of Hull.  My plots was great... but the characters, not so much. Not colorful enough, was they?

 In my defense I am younger than Fiona, and probably considerably dumber. Definitely less educated.

Maybe after I change my name I can come back and try again. Patriots have very short memories.


Wednesday, 29 August 2018


Hi everyone. I'm so sorry to have been making you miss me for a few weeks. I can tell you're all getting so anxious about me. I was shadow-banned on Twitter so my posts are now falling flat, but not to worry as I've been sat here so so  busy, and now I'm so excited to bring you a new creation from my workshop.

I made a video a short while back and it was the first one I'd done in ages. And what was the hottest topic in the comments?  Yes, MY EYEBROWS.

It is true that they have undergone a remarkable evolution in the last few months. I'm so glad everyone noticed attention is what gets me going. Any kind of attention at all, but I'm not telling you anything you don't know about me already.

So I decided to share my best kept brow secret, and allow you to purchase at a very reasonable cost,  - considering, -  these amazeballs limited edition crayons for eyebrows, in a range of colors for all tones.

I have named them in honor of my favorite women; my allies, my mentors, my kindred spirits and my enablers, and  they need no further introduction, as they are all well known to you, Patriots and Pizzagaters alike. Shout out to Sarah Ruth, Fiona B, Liz, Laura, and my two American faux Mommies, Catherine and Wendy. I love you all and will be back to write about you here very soon, promise!

Girls, women, wherever you are, now you lucky ladies can all look like me. WOW!

Everywhere you go heads will turn, people will gasp, and you will feel very noticed as never before.
You can all thank me later, once your new romance blooms, or your husband rekindles your marriage...wink wink

So without further ado....

Never go anywhere, ever again, without your 'Breaking Brows' Eyebrow crayon - big, fat, greasy and just chock-a-block full of pigments to plaster on your face as thick as you can make it. Easy to carry in your purse for regular re-applications thoughout the day and into the glamorous evening.

Ladies; If your  eyes are the windows of your soul, then these are your hurricane shutters, your burglar bars, your window boxes, your venetian blinds, and your drapes, all rolled into one tiny package that really packs a power pop of pigment punch.! Woo hoo!

I thought 'who better to model my new product than me?' My talent has made an amazing formula and texture. Real un-retouched photos tell the story:

My Remarkable Transformation

'Breaking Brows' by Becki,  are such a BEAST of a crayon
that even your glasses won't hide your new BAD gal  BROWS!

Thank you all for supporting me and please spread the word about the best brow crayon in the galaxy  - bar none! Bless you all.  xox


Saturday, 7 July 2018


Well my dear fans, here I am at last.
I am so sorry to have deprived you of my magical  company here for so long.

I have had a bad week, but I made a cute video showing off my impressively hirsute eyebrow development.
I warned you all  in the video about listening to Satanists.
They can't be trusted, Patriots. Turn away now! Stop up your ears!

They are not only Mass Murderers and Child Rapists but worst of all, they are really
really mean to me on social media, in case you haven't noticed.

Princess Becki, or "Precious" to Mommy #3, is the only one with the right to be really
mean on social media, so I am not a happy widdle girl about now.

Anyway there are a few problems at Casa McAvene, and some of them is being caused by Mommy
#2 Catherine Moncada, who has continued being mean to me too.

She used to call me Beck, a dear friend and I used to call her Mom.
I still remember how it was before she flew me out here to the States to my new life.

I was in Hull and quite bored, just mooching about all day. I had dropped out of my
college course. My social workers at my Children's Care Home where I lived for 5 years
didn't think I should still be under their care at age 18 and so they was trying to shove
me out to fend for myself as an adult. I didn't want to grow up and be self sufficient, so
I resisted their efforts with all my might.

Then I met Catherine Moncada online, we got chatting, and I told her some tall tales.
Soon I started to think of her in terms of a Life-raft. But I kept that thought to myself.
I just told her over and over about the perfect family I had always dreamed of, and how
nice it would be to have a real Mum, that kind of thing. I guess Catherine was happy to
think of herself that way.

So after a very short time, Catherine and me would get online and chat  - literally
 ALL  DAY  from the minute I woke up until the minute I went to bed. 

I was weaving my spell and it worked. I played her like a fiddle! It made me feel so
special, to have a middle-age woman on the far side of the world, wanting to talk to me for hours and hours every single day. She told me she had to do this to keep me safe, and I played along.

Even if I went to the shops or out on an errand, we kept on chatting via God's blessed gift the internet,
non-stop. Just imagine! So many words of endearment passed between us during those long
days and she would even pray over me.
We was also planning my Great Escape, of course.  That was Life-raft was being primed.

Fast forward. Now it has all gone sour between us. A far cry from the days we spoke non stop from morning til night. Instead of Beck she calls me Rebecca, like she is scolding me, which she usually is.

She tells all my beloved fans that I lied, mocked her, and endangered her family.
That nothing she did for me was ever good enough, and a lot of other not very nice things.

But I was smart and when I still lived at hers and our honeymoon was looking to be over, I was building a NEW Life-raft, called Wendy and Ron!

The Good Ship McAvene! 

"Where we go one, we go all!"  (That's a Q thing, for the un-cool among you)

So then I jumped ship, landed in the new improved Life-raft, and went, far away, yet again.
Bye Catherine!

I like Texas better than Cali, because there are way more MAGAs here and Cali is too
Librul for my liking. I felt right at home here in no time, in my pretty Trump Girl pink hat.

But lately I am getting all chewed out on line and the house of cards I have constructed with the
help of my newest famiwy is being undermined from all quarters.

It started on Twitter with the Hollywood producers of  'An Open Secret' documentary  movie
telling their many followers they could not endorse me as I had asked them to a while back.
Things got heated and lots of folks weighed in. I am really trying to block it all out.

Hollywood Not Calling

There was a lot more besides.

Next thing up pops pesky old Mommy #2 Catherine yet again. Grrrr.  On my feed having another go, at me and Mommy #3.

Saying all these mean things like:

"@TrinityBeliever Wendy, could you and Rebecca please block my Twitter account. Thank you."

"@TrinityBeliever could you and Rebecca please block my Twitter account? From all Twitter  accounts.  Ron? Etc. Thank you"

"Dear @becki_p20 and @TrinityBeliever I ask for you to block my Twitter account for my 
privacy. Me blocking yours doesn’t leave me out of the conversation. Thank you."

"Dear @becki_p20 and @TrinityBeliever it would seem you don’t understand my family has been through enough. We are STILL trying to recover from multiple traumas. You know them. Not the least was Rebecca’s friend being kidnapped and assaulted. That was very upsetting"

"@becki_p20 will you and Wendy please block my Twitter account from yours? It was by 
'coincidence’ I saw your live periscope. So if you two could, please block my Twitter 
account from any of your accounts? Thank you. "


"Catherine I'm sorry but you do not have that control. You can feel free to block me + 
anyone else you feel you need to. However you cannot tell me who to block. I don't have 
anything against you. Nor do I want to block you from my life. I want want God wants. this 
is not fruitful "

"Dear @becki_p20 and @TrinityBeliever I have control over my life to the extent, I can and 
I will call the immigration officer Rebecca had the meeting with and very carefully 
explain to him how Rebecca and her new sponsor have gross boundary issues endangering my family on SM."

(OMG did she just threaten me with my worst nightmare ICE? Yes I think she actually did.)

and on she went:

"@TrinityBeliever  you are half way there. I’m not playing this psycho, no boundaries game. 
I said BOTH. PLEASE. IF YOU ARE NOT A FIT SPONSOR, ICE officer will need to know that too."

(OMG ICE again! Anxiety attack coming on strong.)

Fans, it went on and on for days:

"Ohhhhh so you can answer this on social media but not my other request. Interesting. "

"Interesting choice. And trust me. I’m not using social media to solve my problems."

So then I had a discussion with Jon Robberson for about an hour where I talked in detail
about how all of this affects me. It is just not healthy for me to see hate on my feed every day.

It really upset Mommy Wendy too. New people on line were starting to call me a sociopath
and a psychopath. Is my cover really blown this time? I really hope Ron and Wendy don't
look up the  checklist. Heaven forbid! My latest Life-raft might start to sink!

Psychopath? moi?

The UK folks who have cottoned onto my SCAM said they was going to INVESTIGATE my claims
and make a POLICE report to HULL Police. And then to Pottsboro Police, the FBI and...ICE.

I usually tell everyone who doesn't like me to just unfollow me but that didn't work either.
I decided to pull my head down below the parapet for a while, lay low.
It's really hard for me to do that, fans, as I am so used to a massive audience, cheering me on.

And now, every time the doorbell rings or the phone, I get paranoid. Will it be ICE, Interpol, local LE, or...? Men in uniform all scare me since I was made a jailbird for 14 months.

Meanwhile Catherine is still being sooo embarrassing. I used to like my Mommy's - all 3-
fighting over me. I liked it a lot. It still makes me feel special-like, but...

Look what she just posted on Twitter:

guess who vs guess who? 

As if that isn't embarrassing enough for my long culivated glowing image - again - Soon I will get the bad news that ICE are finally deporting me.

Mommy and Daddy #3 are getting a little stressed out, like I am. This is why things are tense around here. Why? well, as true Patriots they love their life here in the USA.

However in a show of solidarity with me me me, Double Down Daddy Ron has told the world that when the ICE men cometh,  he and Wendy will go with me - WWG1WGA, just like Q tells us.

What this means is that in the worst case scenario, the McAvenes will uproot themselves
and emigrate, all to remain close to their Precious Pwincess Becki, and we will all live happily ever after, somewhere outside the USA.

Not Hull of course, as the Police will be wanting to question us. NOT. HAPPENING.

We'll go to Canada or South Africa. Australia maybe? Costa Rica!
Every icy cloud will have it's silver lining. I am starting to feel better already.